interim head of the Administrative Department for the Affairs of the Mayor and the City Council of the City of Varaždin

Achieving full transparency, not manipulation, makin relevant information available while being interesting, proactive and accessible. Public administration must be able to package its communication package into what the public knows and wants to consume. Press releases are a methodologically dead tool and press conferences have become a place of conflict. Public administration is increasingly discovering new communication tools and channels. Let’s choose the way: press release or tweet, Instagram or Facebook, Tik-Tok or the web. The eternal mantra of all true democratic societies is: “Public administration in the service of citizens!” It is journalists who select, reveal, point out, question. At a time when relations in society are changing more and more rapidly and what was valid yesterday is no longer valid today, the position of public administration in the media space of democratic societies is increasingly being questioned. We are looking for capable and responsible people who will respond to these challenges, on the side of the media and public administration.