Online Focus conference

We are in a new age of education, although I have to admit that I value those conferences where people can personally talk, see and connect more. In order to accept a new way of education, we also decided to organize FOCUS online this year. 16 lecturers and 10 panelists will share their knowledge and experiences with you, just as this will be a new experience for us. This year’s conference is organized by the Apriori World Institute for Integrated-Inclusive Communications of Southeast Europe and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation with the technical support of the Apriori World agency.

Knowledge is the only thing that no one will ever be able to take away from you, and the information you will learn through lectures and panels at the FOCUS conference can change your plans and teach you something new. I thank all the lecturers who will take their time and share their knowledge and I thank you for applying.

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