The Republic of Serbia recognized the importance of public relations in public administration and public companies among the first countries in Southeast Europe. Within public administration, there is a clear communication strategy that is implemented on a daily basis. The National Academy of Public Administration was founded on October 19, 2017. Thanks to the vision of Dražen Maravić, who was appointed director of this institution, the strategy of communication with public administration employees was defined. Today, the National Academy is located in a newly built office building, is connected to a number of international institutions and is constantly, using new digital tools, educating a number of public sector officials.
FOCUS conference on innovations and communications in public administration and public companies is a substantive and organizational historical event for the Republic of Serbia, as it was the first conference focused on communication in public administration held in Serbia.
Belgrade is the capital, and thus the political, administrative and economic center of the Republic of Serbia. Today, the public administration of the Republic of Serbia uses the diverse architecture of Yugoslavia. Klub narodnih poslanika is located in the residential part of the city of Belgrade, Dedinje, where the FOCUS conference was held.
Get acquainted with the program and lecturers of FOCUS conferences organized so far in Serbia.

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